Upgrade to LED Tubes


LED tubes are a perfect solution to lower your energy cost by using energy-efficient lighting technologies. LED technology is the new standard in the lighting industry that uses very less energy, emit less heat, and lasts longer than fluorescent tubes and CFLs.

Lower energy consumption, negligible maintenance cost, longer lifespan and improved performance in terms of energy efficiency and illumination provide almost immediate savings. Instant-on/off operation makes you forget the era of warm-up time for full brightness and flickering.

The innovation has advanced to a point that these LED tubes are compatible with your current magnetic ballast and no rewiring is needed at all.

If you need help matching your ballast or finding the right size, feel free to ask our expert installer.


Commercial spaces offer significant opportunities to reduce energy and maintenance costs by switching to LED lights.
With LEDs, you can expect energy savings of up to 70% as compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. Ensuring that your workplace is adequately lit makes it safer and healthier for employees to work. Fluorescent tubes or CFL bulbs commonly found in workplaces provide dull illumination and are prone to blow outs.

We have plenty of bright and efficient LED replacements for office, retail, hotel and car parks that offer high illumination and save over 50% on lighting bills, plus no need for ongoing maintenance after installation.

  1. LED Replacement under the VEU program
  2. Energy savings – over 70%
  3. Savings on energy cost – over 50%
  4. Brightness – 110 Lumens/Watt
  5. Light appearance: 5000K to 6000K
  6. CRI – 80+
  7. Warranty – 5 years
  8. Low/no maintenance
  9. Contains mercury – No
  10. Need rewiring – No


Excellent heat management and maintenance-free. Built-in heat sink is responsible for better heat dissipation. Swapping your old tubes with LED tubes not only saves you money but also helps you reduce your carbon footprint and ensure compliance with workplace safety.
LEDs have a lifespan of 25,000 hours – 50,000 hours, which make them virtually maintenance-free. Home and business owners who have swapped old fluroes with LED tubes have benefited from huge savings (typically over 60%) on their electricity bills. A well-lit space means better ambiance, safety and improved output at workplace. Plus, 80+ CRI provides a better and brighter light output that transforms a space by highlighting design details and creating a comfortable, natural environment.

The LED upgrade is done under the VEU government rebate program, which reduces the monetary burden on your investment to ZERO when upgrading old lights to LED tubes. Now is the perfect time to replace old lights with LED lights.

We offer a wide range of the newest LED products approved under the VEU (formerly VEET) Program. Our lights are tested to meet all Australian standards and backed by up to a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Source: https://www.ipromiseaustralia.com.au/product-category/commercial/led-tubes/

Published by iPromise Australia

iPromise provides high quality residential and commercial LED lighting solutions to hundreds of Australian homes for their energy efficiency needs. With excellent service and a wide distribution network, we aim and promise to provide exceptional quality to all our customers around Australia.

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